The Sound and the Furry

Three chords and a cloud of dust? Three-minute pop nuggets? You can judge for yourself, but the fact is that only one of these tunes jumps over the 3:00 hurdle. If The Bard was correct in claiming that "brevity is the soul of wit," you'd think these songs dripped from the pen of Oscar Wilde himself.

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Song     (click title for lyrics and additional info)
Talk Talk Talk To Me (Orig EP) (2:17)  0.49
Word Games (2:10)  0.49
April Is The Cruelest (Orig EP) (2:55)  0.49
Hey Constantine (2:56)  0.49
The King of Rome (5:26)  0.49
The Hand of St. Stephen (Orig EP) (2:52)  0.49
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